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Another Way to Say Agreement with


Aug 31, 2023

Agreement is a common term we use to express our consent and acceptance of a proposal, idea, or opinion. However, using the same word over and over again can make your writing repetitive and monotonous. As a professional, I suggest using synonyms to enhance your writing and avoid redundancy. In this article, we`ll explore another way to say agreement with.

1. Approve: This verb means to agree with or give a positive response. For instance, “I approve of your decision to invest in the stock market.”

2. Concur: This term means to agree with someone`s opinion or point of view. For example, “I concur with John`s analysis of the situation.”

3. Consent: This word refers to giving permission or agreeing to something. For instance, “I consent to your request for an extension.”

4. Endorse: This term means to approve or support someone`s idea or opinion. For example, “I endorse the proposal to merge the two companies.”

5. Ratify: This verb means to officially approve or sanction a decision or agreement. For instance, “The board of directors ratified the new policy proposal.”

6. Support: This term refers to being in favor of or backing someone`s idea or opinion. For example, “I support your decision to take a break and recharge.”

7. Agreeable: This adjective means pleasing, acceptable, or in accordance with someone`s wishes. For instance, “The terms of the contract are agreeable to both parties.”

In conclusion, using synonyms can add variety and interest to your writing. Instead of always using “agreement,” try incorporating some of these alternative words to make your text more engaging. Remember, variety is the spice of life, and in writing, it makes your message more persuasive and memorable.


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