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Example of Standard Lease Agreement


Feb 23, 2022

A standard lease agreement is a legally binding contract between a landlord and tenant. This document outlines the specifics of the rental property, including the terms, rent amount, payment schedule, and rules and regulations. In this article, we will provide an example of a standard lease agreement.


This lease agreement is made on [date] between [landlord name], hereinafter referred to as “Landlord,” and [tenant name], hereinafter referred to as “Tenant.”


The Landlord agrees to lease the following property to the Tenant: [property address]. The rental property consists of [number of bedrooms/bathrooms] and [description of amenities].

Terms of Lease

This lease agreement is for a period of [length of time] beginning on [start date] and ending on [end date]. The Tenant agrees to pay rent in the amount of [rent amount] per month, due on the [due date] of each month. Late payments will incur a late fee of [late fee amount].

Use of Property

The Tenant agrees to use the rental property for residential purposes only. The Tenant shall not engage in any illegal activity on the premises or disturb the peace of other tenants.

Security Deposit

The Tenant shall pay a security deposit of [security deposit amount] at the time of signing this lease agreement. The security deposit will be returned to the Tenant within [number of days] after the end of the lease period, provided no damage has been caused to the rental property.

Maintenance and Repairs

The Tenant agrees to keep the rental property in good condition and promptly report any maintenance or repair issues to the Landlord. The Tenant shall not make any alterations to the rental property without the Landlord’s written consent.

Termination of Lease

Either party may terminate this lease agreement upon [notice period] written notice to the other party. The Tenant shall vacate the rental property upon the termination of this lease agreement.

Governing Law

This lease agreement shall be governed by the laws of [state/country].


A standard lease agreement is an essential document that protects the interests of both the landlord and tenant. This example lease agreement serves as a guideline for drafting a comprehensive and legally binding contract. It is important to consult with a qualified attorney to ensure that the lease agreement complies with all applicable laws and regulations.


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